How much do the medications that Calibrate doctors prescribe cost? Are they covered by insurance?

If you have commercial insurance through an employer, the GLP-1 medications should be covered and capped at $25 or less per month after any deductible is met.

If you have a high-deductible health plan, you'll need to pay through the deductible before your medications are covered by your plan. Since the GLP-1 medications that Calibrate doctors currently prescribe are brand-name medications, high-deductible plans will not cover them before you reach your deductible (which may differ from their coverage of other—typically generic—medications). If you’d like to confirm that your commercial/employer insurance plan covers the medications that Calibrate doctors prescribe before joining, you can reach out to them directly and ask the questions listed here.

While rare, if you're in any way unsatisfied with your insurance plan’s coverage of your medications, we can end your program and issue a refund before you fill your first month’s medication. See our refund policy for full details.