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The Calibrate App Got Its Own Reset

You told us the app could be better—through member reviews, surveys, and focus groups—and we got to work. After many months of research, building, and testing with Calibrate members, we’re beyond thrilled to officially share the improved Calibrate app with you!

What You Can Expect

While you may notice an updated look and feel, the most significant changes are the ones you can’t see—to the technology that powers your app. These behind-the-scenes changes were critical to ensuring a smoother experience as you use the app to navigate your Reset. That means improved speed, more intuitive navigation, and a seamless experience overall.

The best part? This is just the beginning. Our new platform allows us to add features and continue evolving the app—based on your feedback—meeting you wherever you are, with whatever you need, to achieve your goals.

Improved Technology That
Puts You In Control

How many times a day do you open the Calibrate app? Whether you’re tracking red foods, learning about lifestyle changes, or connecting with your Support Team, the app is your key to accessing every part of your Metabolic Reset and achieving sustained weight loss. To see the complete list of updates, check out the App Status Page.

Faster, More Intuitive Experience

We’ve heard your feedback—slow load times, crashes, and confusing navigation were keeping you from utilizing the app to its full potential. That’s why we rebuilt the technology that powers your app, to ensure a smoother experience with fewer opportunities for bugs and disruptions.

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Curated Curriculum

We've reorganized resources! Now, it’s easier to find what you need exactly when you need it, because we’ve curated content based on where you are in your Reset. Check out the new Recommended Resources section below each class for coach-curated guides. You’ll also find a new Additional Resources section for easier navigation of recipes, food tips, and more.

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Streamlined Tracking

While daily trackers have a new look—the importance of logging every day remains the same. Now, track your energy level with emojis (redesigned to more accurately reflect how you’re feeling), edit entries with a single tap, and understand and celebrate your progress with improved graphs. We know tracking is something you’d like to see us improve even further (and we’re already on it).

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Answers, All In
One Place

Now, our Support technology is more intuitive, and will direct your questions to the right team. Even more, the improved Profile tab makes it easier to search our FAQs and find the answers you’re looking for—without having to comb through multiple Support and Medical Channel threads.

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You Control
Your Calendar

We’ve redesigned scheduling, so you can make and manage your first and recurring Appointments with just a few taps—without having to message Support—putting you in control of your own calendar. Cue your celebration dance!

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Dive Into The App Demo

This isn’t just an app. It’s the key to unlocking every aspect of your Metabolic Reset. It’s intentionally designed to help you achieve your goals by tracking progress, learning the lifestyle changes you’ll need to sustain results, and getting the right support from your Calibrate Team. Watch the video to see the app in action.

You’re Invited:
Get Tech Support

Join us for App Office Hours! Whether you have a specific question or want our insider tips for getting the most out of your app, our app experts are here to help you feel supported and in control.

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Your New App?

Access in-depth overviews of everything that’s changed on our App Status Page.

Have Feedback?

We want to hear it! What do you love about the app and what do you want to see more (or less!) of?