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Your Masters Commitment

Calibrate is based on decades of research showing that a combination of intensive behavior therapy and medication improves your metabolic health to drive long-term, sustainable weight loss. 

In our program, you achieve success through three things: 

  1. Medication: Taking your medication as long as it is advised by the Calibrate medical team and staying in touch for ongoing medical care through check-ins, logging weight, and follow-ups.
  2. Tracking: Tracking your weight, energy level, and red foods each day to see how they correlate over time.
  3. Coaching / Curriculum: Attending sessions with your coach if you’re a Masters Complete member, and working to sustain your food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health program goals. 

The Calibrate team is here to support you and make sure your program works with your life. However, if one of the program pieces is not working, it jeopardizes your long-term success. If you fall behind on any of the program elements, we’ll work with you to help get you back on track. We want you to be engaged and to succeed, so you’ll get reminders if you're falling behind.

We are committed to a life-changing and successful experience and are glad to be on this journey with you!

Your Commitment: 

I understand that Calibrate is designed to help me improve my metabolic health, lose weight, and sustain 10% weight loss by doing the following:


I will take my medication as directed and follow through with ongoing medical team care, including follow-up labs, logging weight, and medical check-in responses. I understand that I must complete my 12-month labs and Medical Check-in within 90 days of the last day of my One Year Metabolic Reset, and continue to track my weight, or my medication refills may be at risk.


I will actively participate in tracking throughout my program. 

Coaching / Curriculum [not applicable for Masters Basic members]:

I will give 12 hours notice if I need to reschedule a coaching session—I understand that if I cancel or miss more than three monthly coaching sessions, subsequent coaching sessions will be removed from my calendar until I re-engage or until my program ends.