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Your Calibrate Commitment One-Year Metabolic Reset

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Calibrate is based on decades of research showing that a combination of intensive behavior therapy and medication improves your metabolic health to drive long-term, sustainable weight loss. 

In our program, you achieve success through three things: 

  1. Medication: Taking your medication as long as it is advised by the Calibrate medical team and staying in touch for ongoing medical care through check-ins and follow-ups.
  2. Tracking: Tracking your weight, energy level, and red foods each day to see how they correlate over time.
  3. Coaching: Attending regular sessions with your coaching team, and reading and following the content lessons before your sessions.

The Calibrate team is here to support you and make sure your program works with your life. That’s why we’ve designed Calibrate with modular classes, flexible goals, and focus weeks that double down on things that are particularly relevant for you. 

However, if one of the program pieces is not working, it jeopardizes your long-term success. If you fall behind on any of the program elements, we’ll work with you to help get you back on track. We want you to be engaged and to succeed, so you’ll get reminders if you're falling behind.

If, over time and after these reminders, you are not meeting the expectations for your program, we may put your program on Pause for up to three months (full overview of what triggers pause is outlined in your commitment below). 

When your program is on Pause, we will cancel additional prescription renewals and coaching sessions. Going on pause will also make you ineligible for the Calibrate Results Money Back Promise. Your program can be on Pause one time in your Calibrate membership. When you’re ready, you can re-engage, and we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth transition back. If you do not reactivate your Pause, or if you trigger a second Pause after reactivating, you will forfeit your membership. 

We are committed to a life-changing and successful year ahead and are glad to be on this journey with you!

Your Calibrate Commitment

Your Commitment: 

I understand that Calibrate is designed to help me improve my metabolic health, lose weight and sustain 10% weight loss by the doing the following:


I will take my medication as directed and follow through with ongoing medical team care, including follow-up labs and medical check-in responses-I understand that if I do not follow up with my medical team, my program will be put on Pause.


I will actively participate in tracking throughout my program. Active participation is defined by  tracking my daily metrics (weights, red food, and energy), and setting and tracking my weekly goals—I understand that less than 85% participation (5 days per week) in any level of my program will result in my program being put on Pause.


I will give 24 hours notice if I need to reschedule a coaching session—I understand that if I cancel more than three coaching sessions within 24 hours of my session, my program will be put on Pause. I will read my weekly content before my coaching sessions and track my weekly goals set with my coach.


I understand that my program can only be put on Pause once during my membership, for up to 90 days, and that if I do not reactivate my Pause or if I trigger a second Pause, I will forfeit my membership. I understand that while on Pause, Calibrate will cancel additional prescription renewals and coaching sessions. 

I understand that not meeting the above criteria for medication, tracking, and coaching participation or going on Pause will make me ineligible for the Calibrate Results Money Back Promise.

Your Coach’s Commitment: 

  • I will work with you non-judgmentally, and support you through every victory, setback, and comeback.
  • I will be on time and available for our sessions, and I will help you keep on track with attendance and participation.
  • I will review your daily tracking between sessions so you can make progress towards both short and long-term goals and we can celebrate the small wins and the big wins between sessions.
  • I will work with the rest of the Calibrate team to help you troubleshoot when you feel stuck, making sure that your goals are achievable based on your progress within the program. 
  • I will celebrate your successes and be present for you when you need added support.
  • I will make sure you’re always tracking toward at least 10% weight loss and improved metabolic health.