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Getting Started with Calibrate Guide

In order to track your progress throughout your Metabolic Reset, you’ll need to first set up your scale and then download a few different mobile applications. We’ll walk you through the steps below. If you have any questions, please message us via the Support Center in the Calibrate app.  

Please note the Withings cellular smart scale you received in your Welcome Kit is supported by LTE, which means that you don’t need to connect it to Wi-Fi to sync. 

If you received an Eat Smart Precision scale, reach out to the Support Team in the Support Center in the app for further assistance.

  • Step 1: Remove the scale from the box and unwrap it from the plastic. 
  • Step 2: To wake up the scale, turn over the scale and remove the tab underneath the scale that is found inserted in the battery cover. The screen will then display “Hello” indicating it’s ready to begin setup.
  • Step 3: The scale will automatically start the setup process by displaying three different screens—you do not need to take any action. Once the screen displays “Ready,” the scale is ready to be used. This process may take up to 15 minutes. 
  • Step 4: Once your screen displays “Ready,” you can take your first measurement, which will automatically sync with the Calibrate app. Simply step on the scale and stay until the scale screen displays the Calibrate logo. This indicates your weight has been uploaded and synced to the Calibrate app.  Make sure to review our tips below to ensure your measurement is accurately recorded.
  • That’s all you have to do for now! When you log in to the Calibrate app and complete set up, your weight will have been automatically recorded and will display on the Home screen. 
  • Your Withings smart scale is intended for your use only and is synced directly to your Calibrate profile. Other members of your household should not use it. Any scale reading, regardless of whether it’s yours or someone else’s, will automatically be recorded and linked to your profile in the Calibrate app, resulting in inaccurate measurements and tracking which are used to help guide your clinical care. 

A few tips on how to record accurate weights:

  • If you’ve moved your scale, wait for two seconds before stepping on it to weigh yourself. 
  • Step on the scale with clean, bare feet. Wear as little clothing as possible (or no clothes at all). 
  • Do not bend your knees when weighing yourself.
  • To ensure an accurate measurement, your weight needs to be evenly distributed across the scales surface. If one or more arrows appear on any corners of the scale’s display, simply shift your weight in the opposite direction of the arrow until they disappear, indicating your weight is now evenly distributed. 
  • If you have any specific questions pertaining to the scale, please reference the Onboarding Guide included in your smart scale box.
  • If after Step 2 your screen displays “Setup failed” or “No service,” try reinstalling your smart scale by pressing the button on the back of the scale (above the battery cover).
  • It will run through the setup process again. If, after the setup process is complete, your screen still displays “Setup failed” or “No service,” please message us via the Support Center in the Calibrate app.
  • Please note that Calibrate doesn’t use the body composition metrics from at-home scales because they are typically not able to produce accurate body composition metrics, which is why the Withings scales Calibrate provides are programmed not to display a BMI reading on your screen.