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Getting Started with Calibrate Guide

Check to see that you have the Google Fit app downloaded on your Android phone (it’s usually already installed by default). If the Google Fit app is not installed on your phone, you can download it in the Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, set up an account.

If you’re using a Samsung phone, you’ll need to download Google Fit. The Samsung Health app will not work with the Calibrate app. 

Please make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded on your Android phone. Click here for instructions on how to manually update apps on your phone.

Download the Calibrate app from the Google Play Store and then launch the app.

Calibrate app

You’ll enter your baseline waist circumference in the Calibrate app. When you log in to the app, you’ll find on-screen instructions explaining how to measure and enter each metric. You can also find detailed guides for each step here.

You will need to give permission, at the bottom of the screen, to sync the Calibrate app's Activity Tracker to the Google Fit app to automatically track activity and sleep. Click the button at the bottom of the screen to give permission. You’ll be asked to log into your Google Fit account and give permission to read your data.

If you already are using a digital activity band or app to track your sleep, just make sure to sync it with your Google Fit and your sleep will automatically populate into the Calibrate app. 

If you plan to use another device that does not connect to your Google Fit, you can manually enter your reading into the Calibrate app. You can start to manually track your hours of sleep as soon as you begin your program. 

If you are currently not using anything to track your sleep, download a sleep tracker app of your choice and connect it to Google Fit.

Sleep Cycle app (our general recommendation)

We recommend the Sleep Cycle app because it’s free, easy to use, and proven to be generally accurate (even though it only uses your phone’s microphone to analyze your sleep patterns). To set up Sleep Cycle, follow these instructions:

  • Make sure you have both the Calibrate and Google Fit apps set up and connected.
  • Download the Sleep Cycle app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account. (Click the skip button at the bottom of the screen to proceed with the free version of the app. You do not need the paid version).
  • Connect Sleep Cycle to Google Fit by navigating to the profile section of the Sleep Cycle app and then settings.
  • You’re now connected!

You can start tracking your sleep right away by placing your phone with the Sleep Cycle app open near you as you sleep. Your sleep data will be sent to Calibrate daily. 

Digital Activity Bands 

Many digital activity bands and watches come with built-in sleep tracking. If you plan to use a digital band to track your sleep, just make sure it syncs with Google Fit.

Alternative options

You can also track your sleep manually by just logging how much you sleep each day directly in the Calibrate app.

  • Allow the Calibrate app to notify you with reminders to track your daily metrics, alerts, and messages from our Medical, Support, and Coaching team. 
  • Select [Allow Notifications] to grant those permissions. 

Congratulations, you’ve completed setting up the Calibrate app. You can now begin to track your weight daily with your Withings smart scale you received in your Welcome Kit. Please be aware that it can take up to two hours for your Google Fit app to sync with the Calibrate app. To connect your smart scale with the Calibrate app, follow instructions provided in your Welcome Kit, or click here.

Weighing yourself daily will allow you to see the impact of the changes you’re making and will help your Calibrate team to determine how to optimize the program to work best for you. It’s especially important to have your smart scale synced right away, as your Calibrate doctor will use your starting weight to help design your program. 

It’s best to weigh yourself every day, first thing in the morning (it’s okay if you go to the bathroom before) and without clothes. If you notice fluctuations in your weight day to day, don’t worry, it’s normal. There are a number of causes for these changes, including fluid intake and activity level.

Tracking is an important part of your Calibrate program because we believe that what you can measure, you can change. What you track becomes the data that your Medical Team uses to adjust your medication and the inputs that you and your coach use to personalize your goals. With these trackers, you can see how even the earliest habit change can impact other aspects of your metabolic health. Check out our How and Why We Track Guide to learn more.

If you have any questions, you can reach our Support Team via email at or message us via the Support Center in the Calibrate app.  

Your data and information are important, private, and protected. Your numbers are uploaded to our secure healthcare platform, where they can only be viewed by you, the Calibrate Medical Team, your Coaching Team, and our Support Team. This information is stored and used in accordance with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.