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Your Calibrate Commitment Two-Year Program

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Calibrate is based on decades of research showing that a combination of intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) and medication improves your metabolic health and drives weight loss.

With Calibrate, you can expect to achieve long-term, sustainable results provided you participate in three areas: 

  • Medical Guidance: Taking your medication as long as it is advised by the Calibrate Medical Team and staying in touch for ongoing medical care through check-ins and follow-ups.
  • Tracking: Tracking your weight, energy level, red foods, and biweekly goals each day to understand how they correlate over time.
  • Coaching and Curriculum: Attending regular sessions with your coach, reading the curriculum lessons before your sessions, and working toward your biweekly goals.

Our team is here to support you and make sure Calibrate fits with your life. If you fall behind on any of the program elements, we’ll work closely with you to help get you back on track. 

However, if you’re not engaging with the program, your long-term success is jeopardized. In order to have access to GLP-1 medications and your Calibrate coaching and curriculum, your full participation is necessary, and continued lack of involvement in the Calibrate program results in loss of membership (a full overview of what triggers prescription and membership cancellation is outlined below in addition to the Enterprise Enrollment Criteria available here).

I understand that Calibrate is designed to help me improve my metabolic health, lose weight, and sustain 10% or more weight loss. In order to achieve the best results and access to medication, I will participate according to the following guidelines:

  • Medical Guidance
    I will attend all scheduled doctor visits and provide 24 hours notice if I need to reschedule. I will also take my medication as directed, and I will follow through with ongoing Medical Team care, including dose adjustments and tapering off of the medication. I understand that Calibrate requires active follow-up (labs and medical check-in responses) with my Medical Team.
  • Tracking
    I will track my daily metrics (weight, red foods, and energy) at least 5 days per week and consistently track my biweekly goals. 
  • Coaching and Curriculum
    I will give 12 hours notice if I need to reschedule a coaching session—I understand that if I cancel more than three coaching sessions, I will lose access to my ongoing prescription medication. I will read my biweekly content before my coaching sessions and work on my biweekly goals set with my coach.

If I fail to abide by these guidelines for a period of 6+ weeks, this continued lack of involvement will result in a loss of my Calibrate membership.

  • We will work with you non-judgmentally and support you across the program.
  • We commit to following best practices for clinical oversight and delivering high-quality medical care. 
  • Your coach will be on time and available for your sessions, and will help you keep on track with attendance and participation.
  • Your coach will review your daily tracking between sessions so you can make progress towards both short and long-term goals.
  • We will work to help you troubleshoot when you feel stuck, making sure that your goals are achievable based on your progress within the program. 
  • Your coach will celebrate your successes and be present for you when you need added support.
  • We will make sure you’re always tracking toward at least 10% weight loss and improved metabolic health.