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How Calibrate Works

Sign up. Just answer a few questions to confirm that you’re eligible for Calibrate. Then choose your plan, enter payment details, and decide how you’d like to get your lab tests done.

Get your lab work. We’ll order lab tests to assess your current metabolic health, that you can get done at your preferred location. You'll get lab work a few times during the year and we'll work with your insurance to get it covered.

Connect your smart scale and app. We’ll mail you a Welcome Kit that includes a free smart scale to connect with your Calibrate app, so you can track your weight, sleep, activity, and food.

Meet with your Calibrate doctor. You’ll have a video call to review your lab results and weight health history with your Calibrate doctor. Your doctor will then prescribe a metabolic medication that's the best fit for your biology, lifestyle, and goals. We’ll make sure your medication is covered by insurance, too.

Start accountability coaching to stay on track. You’ll start regular video calls with a coach on your coaching team. Every other week, you'll focus on one tiny tweak that's based on changes proven to help reduce weight and improve metabolic health—always designed to meet you where you are.

Make tiny, gradual tweaks to your metabolic health habits. You'll make small changes to your food, sleep, exercise and emotional health habits that are proven to lead to sustainable weight and metabolic health results. Each goal you set with your coaching team is supported by online lessons to help make it your new day-to-day.


See the difference a year makes. Sign up for Calibrate today to take the first step toward your new day-to-day.

"I’ve been on the program for three months now and I’ve already lost 27 pounds. I also came off of my blood pressure medication. My primary care doctor halved it, and then I was still doing so well that she took me off completely. That was a really exciting moment for me."

Raychel V

Calibrate member