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Calibrate for Employers

We’re changing the way the world treats weight.

Read the latest letter from Kim Boyd MD, Chief Medical Officer at Calibrate, about how newly-approved medications are setting the standard of care for obesity treatment—and how employers can deliver them to their employees in the safest and most effective form.

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The most effective obesity treatment has been stuck in clinical research—until now

Traditional approaches of diet and exercise alone are ineffective, leaving patients with few options outside of bariatric surgery.

New medication (GLP-1s) and intensive lifestyle intervention can sustainably drive results consistent with bariatric surgery. This combination has been stuck in clinical research - inaccessible outside of academic settings.

Without an integrated approach, new obesity therapies will be less effective and increase cost for employers.

Our integrated approach drives outcomes while controlling cost

Doctors work in partnership with accountability coaches to ensure GLP-1 effectiveness, adherence, and cessation over 18-24 months. 




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We offer unparalleled support to members and employers

Unlike traditional programs, Calibrate is the only solution that brings leading obesity treatment out of an academic setting and into the palm of your hand.

Purpose-built to maximize the effectiveness and accessibility of leading obesity treatments, while reducing cost.

Manages the entire program including doctors appointments, medication, and ongoing coaching.

Guides members to ensure safety and efficacy of GLP-1 titration, adherence, and tapering.

Treats the whole person with a science-based curriculum based on four pillars of metabolic health: food, exercise, sleep, and emotional well-being.

Makes program administration easy through simplified implementation, enrollment, and outcomes reporting.

Calibrate empowers members to reach and sustain their goals

Our integrated approach drives results superior to clinical trials

average weight loss

average reduction in waist circumference

reduction in pre-diabetic A1c incidence

Reduce the total cost of care for employees with obesity

In addition to improving the health of your employees, Calibrate ensures that your investment in GLP-1s drive results and savings for your organization.

Savings driven by:

- Reduced net cost of medication

- Improved adherence leads to less medication waste

- Reduced dependency on medication long-term

- Medical cost reduction due to slowed disease progression and fewer complications

“With Calibrate, the adjustments you’re making are so small you don’t even notice until suddenly one day you’re in a whole new place with things.”


“I’m learning healthy habits that are realistic and supportive of sustainable, lifelong weight loss. But that’s not all. I’m putting the time into improving my sleep, stress, nutrition, and emotional health too.”


“In addition to increasing my muscle mass, I’ve noticed that I have a lot more energy during the day. I feel more confident with myself and with how I see myself, and truly believe that my emotional health—in addition to my physical health—has improved.”


Change the way the world treats weight, starting with your employees

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