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we’re changing the way the world treats weight

Our Values

We’re In This Together

Sustainable weight loss and metabolic health takes the right team. Our doctors, coaches, specialists, and advisory board members work together to ensure you’re supported through every victory, setback, and comeback.

Small Wins Create Big Wins

We want long-term results for every Calibrate member, so everything we do is in service of creating enduring and empowering habits. We know that small, simple steps can add up to something much greater than its parts, so that’s what we do.

You’re In Control

The Metabolic Reset is designed to fit your life and your progress, not the other way around. You’ll connect regularly with your doctor and coach, making it easy for them to tailor your goals, cheer you on, and make adjustments in real-time.

Real Results Matter

We don’t do instant gratification—because it doesn’t work long term. The Calibrate program combines what’s been scientifically proven to lead to sustainable results—and helps you discover a new day-to-day.

Backed by science   •   Backed by science   •   

Our Founder

Isabelle Kenyon is the Founder & CEO of Calibrate, a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world treats weight. In two years, Calibrate has raised more than $125 million from leading investors, including Founders Fund, Tiger Global, Optum Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Threshold Ventures, and Redesign Health, and has published clinically-reviewed results from its One-Year Metabolic Reset that exceeded clinical trial outcomes across metabolic markers. Calibrate was recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2021 and by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas in 2022.

Prior to Calibrate, Isabelle led business operations, growth, and strategic partnerships & communications at Capsule, a technology business rebuilding the pharmacy from the inside out. Before Capsule, she worked at beloved consumer brands in London and New York. Isabelle began her career as an investment banker in Hong Kong and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. She was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2015. Isabelle additionally serves as the Advocacy Chair for Success Academy Charter School’s Young Professionals Committee.

Our vision is to put you in control of your health. Calibrate is changing the way the world treats weight by bringing decades of proven metabolic science to everyone, everywhere.

Isabelle Kenyon, Founder & CEO

Expert Council

Calibrate's experts are leaders in their respective fields. They serve as a resource to your coach on how to develop your program so that it's personalized to you. They're supported by our clinical advisory board.

Adam Rosante

Exercise Expert

Stephanie Middleberg, RD

Food Expert

Emily Fletcher

Sleep and Emotional Health Expert

Ellen Vora, MD

Sleep and Emotional Health Expert

Clinical Advisory Board

Calibrate’s clinical advisors are the leading obesity treatment and metabolic health experts and scientific researchers in the country. They vet every aspect of our program to ensure we’re giving you the best possible guidance.

Donna Ryan, MD

Clinical Advisor

Dariush Mozaffarian, MD

Clinical Advisor

Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA

Clinical Advisor

Randy Seeley, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Eve Van Cauter, PhD

Clincial Advisor

Our Investors

Our partners believe in our mission as much as we do.
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