Our one-year virtual program is a modern, medical solution that targets the root cause of your weight. Because weight isn't a lifestyle choice—it's biological. Calibrate treats it that way, so you can reset your metabolic system and lose weight from the inside out.

“Eating less and exercising more isn't enough. Calibrate fights biology with biology.”

Donna Ryan, M.D.

Calibrate Clinical Advisor

President of World Obesity Federation, 2018-2020

Designed for your Biology.

Not your willpower.

When traditional diets don't work and your weight plateaus, it's not because you need more willpower. If the number on the scale is stuck, it's often because your metabolism is programmed to do everything it can to maintain your weight. That weight is called your “set point,” and it's why 80% of people who lose at least 10% of their weight will gain it back within the first year. Calibrate makes it possible to adjust your set point by working with the biology that drives it.

How You'll Do It

You'll start with lab work so we can set you up for success. You'll review your results and weight health history with your Calibrate doctor via video. You'll get lab work a few times during the year and we'll work with your insurance to get it covered.


Your Calibrate doctor will prescribe an FDA-approved metabolic medication that's the best fit for your biology, lifestyle, and goals. We'll help you find a medication covered by insurance, too.


We'll match you with an accountability coaching team. You'll check in regularly via video, and we're always available via chat to keep you motivated or help you get back on track.


You'll connect to your included smart scale and our free app, so you can track your weight, sleep, activity, and food. Your Calibrate medical team and your accountability coaching team will also be able to connect with you to see your progress and modify your plan if needed.


We'll draw on the latest science to help you address the four pillars of weight health—your food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. Comprehensive treatment that includes medication together with these pillars creates the best results.


Every week, you'll focus on one tiny tweak that's based on changes proven to help reduce weight and improve metabolic health—designed to meet you where you are.


You'll learn the science behind the strategies. Each weekly goal you set with your coaching team is supported by step-by-step lessons to help you integrate it into your life and turn it into a habit.


We'll personalize your program as you go, so it's always doable. What you'll do during the program is based on the science of what leads to lifelong weight loss. How you do it is based on you. On vacation? Have the dessert. Struggling with exercise? We'll adjust your goals together.


We Combine What Works

Metabolic medication

One-Year Curriculum

The Calibrate Difference

Metabolic medication that's a fit for your biology.

The right prescription metabolic medication will help you not only jumpstart, but also maintain weight loss—all as you improve your metabolic health. Calibrate's options are safe, FDA-approved, and support successful lifestyle changes by telling your brain to decrease hunger, increase fullness, and regulate hormones. These medications, called GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1s), address biology in a way that helps lower your set point.

Your Calibrate doctor will prescribe a medication that's the best fit for your biology (based on lab work), lifestyle, and goals, so that you're set up to succeed as you begin your coaching. Both the medication and lab work are usually covered by insurance. Read more about the medication here.

Coaching to target four proven pillars of metabolic health.

Your weight health is impacted by your daily food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. Studies suggest that comprehensive treatment of all four pillars creates the best weight health results. So we break down the science behind each factor and tailor a plan to help you feel better, lose weight, and improve your overall metabolic health.

Our four pillars of metabolic health:


Program Goals

Decreasing processed and disease-promoting foods in your diet

Increasing quality foods that work with your budget and dietary restrictions

Feeling in control of what you eat


Program Goals

Tracking sleep to establish a baseline

Establishing a consistent sleep schedule

Getting 8-9 hours of restful sleep every night


Program Goals

Making incremental improvements, no matter where you're starting

Learning how to make exercise a positive, joyful part of your life

Working up to 150 minutes of moderate activity per week—like mowing the lawn, brisk walking, and swimming


Program Goals

Incorporating easy-to-achieve daily practices or outlets for reducing stress

Recognizing emotional health triggers

Improving mood and stress with a holistic approach to health-impacting habits

“There are no shortcuts to metabolic health, but it also doesn't have to be complicated. Our mind and body function optimally when they have what they need—sufficient nutrients from food, sufficient sleep, sufficient exercise, and a mindful approach to emotional health.”

Ellen Vora, M.D.

Calibrate Health Expert

Psychiatry Specialist, Integrative and Holistic Medicine Specialist, Licensed Medical Acupuncturist

the team that helps you make it stick

During the program, you’ll work directly with your Calibrate doctor and your accountability coaching team, and they'll be supported by world-class experts who are leaders in their fields.

Coaches on your team work as your point people—your guides, cheerleaders, motivators, and accountability partners—streamlining our health experts’ knowledge to customize the program for you. And they’re all backed by our clinical advisory board, made up of some of the top academic researchers in the country.

our method.

your goals.

One simple goal at a time. Changes proven to help weight loss. All at a pace that's right for you.

What will your year look like?


Getting Started

Get lab work to establish baselines and be matched to a metabolic medication

Meet your Calibrate doctor to discuss lab results and health history and get a prescription for the right FDA-approved medication

Meet your coach and set small goals for the upcoming weeks

This month

Immediate Wins

Start a prescription medication matched to your health history and goals

Feel more consistent energy throughout the day thanks to improved sleep habits

Tune into hunger signals and how different foods make you feel with mindful eating habits

Next month

New Milestones

Build new habits that put you in control of your energy and your health

Discover new ways to make physical activity a routine 

Eat (and crave) less sugar and simple carbs

In 3 months

A Complete 180

Weight is down 5% and body fat percentage is reduced

Feel improvements in sleep, energy levels, and exercise stamina

Get lab work again and see improvement across metabolic markers, like blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol

In 6 months

Reinforcing Good Habits

Reach your 10% weight loss goal, and measure a smaller waist circumference 

Work on reinforcing habits from the first half of the program

Set and meet new goals, like exercising 150 minutes per week

In a year

Living Your New Day-to-Day

Continue to maintain at least 10% weight loss 

Get lab work again to check progress—maintain improvements and/or continuing to improve markers

Have sufficient metabolic health to reduce or go off medication for health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes

Take the first step today