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Our one-year virtual program is a modern, medical solution that targets the root cause of your weight. We combine prescription medication, one-on-one video doctor visits, and personal coaching on food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health—all accessible from our app. You’ll reset your metabolic system and lose weight from the inside out. Because weight isn't a lifestyle choice—it's biological.

“Eating less and exercising more isn't enough. Calibrate fights biology with biology.”

Donna Ryan, M.D.

Calibrate Clinical Advisor

President of World Obesity Federation, 2018-2020




Traditional weight loss clinics

Prescription medication and personalized care plan for weight loss and overall metabolic health

Completely at-home program, including a video appointment with your doctor

One-on-one coaching on food, sleep, exercise and emotional health

Smart scale and app that tracks your weight, sleep, activity, and food

Content lessons developed by an expert clinical advisory board and expert clinical council to help you meet your goals

Designed for your Biology. Not your willpower.

When traditional diets and weight loss programs don't work and your weight plateaus, it's not because you need more willpower. If the number on the scale is stuck, it's often because your metabolism is programmed to do everything it can to maintain your weight. That weight is called your “set point,” and it's why 80% of people who lose at least 10% of their weight will gain it back within the first year. Calibrate makes it possible to adjust your set point by working with the biology that drives it.

We Combine What Works

Metabolic medication

Personalized Coaching

The Calibrate Difference

What will losing 10% do for you?

Losing just 10% of your weight will reset your metabolic health. With Calibrate, you'll get there in just six months—and by the end of our one-year program, you'll improve your day-to-day life for good.

"My new day-to-day is greater confidence no matter what I'm wearing, less fear in joining group exercise classes, and knowing that tomorrow will be even better."

Lyndsey G, 40

"My new day-to-day is waking up with more energy, tackling more exercise, and feeling more accomplished overall."

Brandon C, 40

"My new day-to-day is less stress eating, not being afraid to eat carbs, adding protein and veggies to every meal, and walking instead of driving."

John D, 31

*These participants were part of a beta program. Actual results may vary.

How You'll Do It

You'll start with lab work so we can set you up for success. You'll review your results and weight health history with your Calibrate doctor via video. You'll get lab work a few times during the year and we'll work with your insurance to get it covered.

Your Calibrate doctor will prescribe an FDA-approved metabolic medication that's the best fit for your biology, lifestyle, and goals. We'll help you find a medication covered by insurance, too.

We'll match you with a dedicated Calibrate coaching team. You'll check in every other week via video.

You'll connect to your included smart scale and our free app, so you can track your weight, sleep, activity, and food. Your Calibrate doctor and coaching team will also be able to connect with you to see your progress and modify your plan if needed.

We'll draw on the latest science to help you address the four pillars of weight health—your food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health. Comprehensive treatment that includes medication together with these pillars creates the best results.

Every other week, you'll focus on one tiny tweak that's based on changes proven to help reduce weight and improve metabolic health––designed to meet you where you are.

You'll learn the science behind the strategies. Each goal you set with your coaching team is supported by step-by-step lessons to help you integrate it into your life and turn it into a habit.

We'll personalize your program as you go, so it's always doable. What you'll do during the program is based on the science of what leads to lifelong weight loss. How you do it is based on you. On vacation? Have the dessert. Struggling with exercise? We'll adjust your goals together.

The science isn't new. The method is.

Calibrate is the only program to combine proven approaches to long-term weight loss by addressing biology and the four pillars of weight health––food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health.

10% Weight Loss

A one-year program for a metabolic reset that helps you lose 10% of your body weight.

Scientifically Proven

A metabolic reset that customizes scientifically proven methods to your body and needs.

Doctor by Your Side

Work directly with your Calibrate doctor throughout your program year to ensure you meet your health goals.

The Right Medication

An FDA-approved medication prescribed by your Calibrate doctor based on your lab work, so you're set up to succeed.

One-On-One Coaching

Personalized goals and guidance from your coach and via our app whenever you need it.

Tiny Tweaks

Realistic, tiny tweaks to your habits that you make week by week, so you're never overwhelmed.

You Call the Shots

Your goals and pace are personalized as you go. You can choose when to slow down, go deeper, or even pause and refocus as you move through the program.

Online Resources

Learn how to implement better habits and understand the science behind the strategies you're using.

Tech That Motivates

A free app and smart scale so your Calibrate doctor and coach can see your progress and modify your plan as needed.