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Calibrate Is Proven To Drive Sustained Weight Loss and Improved Metabolic Health At Scale

Since our launch in June 2020, Calibrate has been committed to member outcomes as our north star. We are the only program regularly publishing results for our entire member population who have completed at least one year of our program. We hope to change the way weight loss results are reported and measured, bringing a new standard of scientific rigor and transparency to a category that has historically lacked both.

Three Years In Since Our Earliest Members Joined, Our Data Is Clear: Calibrate Works

Unlike 95% of diets that fail, our members demonstrated sustained 16% average weight loss for 12 months and 18% for 24 months. Our comprehensive program has also helped thousands of members make significant improvements to their metabolic health, including improving every metabolic marker, from blood glucose and inflammation to heart and liver disease risk.


average weight loss sustained over two years


of members who started with prediabetes or diabetes were able to achieve normal hba1c levels at 12 months


average waist reduction, indicating a loss
in fat most harmful to metabolic health


members say Calibrate is the most effective program they've tried

18% Average Weight Loss Sustained For Up To Two Years

Calibrate's results prove our proprietary program is effective at driving long-term improvements to metabolic health and weight loss.

  • Calibrate demonstrates an average of 16% weight loss at 12 months, 17.3% at 18 months, and 17.9% at 24 months. Calibrate members have also decreased their waist circumference by 6 inches, on average.
  • These results are superior to the weight loss seen in clinical trials for GLP-1 medications, including Wegovy®,Saxenda®, Ozempic®, Rybelsus®, and Trulicity®. Regardless of which medication they take, Calibrate members have demonstrated significant and sustained results.

9/10 Members Say Calibrate Is The Most Effective Program They've Tried

Our data isn’t from a clinical trial. Behind Calibrate’s results are thousands of members like you, with ups and downs, setbacks and comebacks—and 9 out of 10 say that Calibrate is the most effective program they’ve tried. By working with members for a year or more, Calibrate focuses on creating lasting change over time, turning small wins into big wins.

Calibrate Member, Donya, at 12 months

98% Of Calibrate Members Improve Their Metabolic Markers

Our combination of medication and lifestyle intervention improves metabolic health, resulting in sustainable weight loss.

  • For members who completed lab work at the end of their Calibrate Year, 98% demonstrated an improvement in at least one metabolic marker;
  • 78% of members who started the program with prediabetes or diabetes were able to achieve normal hemoglobin A1c levels at 12 months

The Bottom Line: Calibrate Works, Guaranteed

Calibrate stands behind its results—so much so that our Results Money-Back Promise commits to achieving at least 10% weight loss for members who stay 12 consecutive months on our program. We guarantee at least 10% because research shows that 10% body weight loss meaningfully improves health outcomes and is sustainable. We’re proud to be the only program to make this commitment based on our track record of success.

With each member we serve, Calibrate gets closer to achieving our mission to change the way the world treats weight.

Backed by science   •   Backed by science   •   


Weight loss data represents all individuals who had reached at least 12 months in the Calibrate program by October 2023 and had verified access to GLP-1 medication for at least one month of the program (n=14,255), as well as smaller subsets of all members meeting same criteria who had continued to 18 and 24 months (n=4,845 and n=1,169, respectively). Waist circumference data represents all individuals in above cohorts who reported waist circumference at intake and one-year check-in (n=7,3737). Lab data represents all members in the above cohorts who had at least one lab measured at intake and one-year check-in (n=3,422); not all individuals in cohort successfully completed all labs, so individual lab result Ns vary as noted above. See full report for more details.