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Can I use my own scale?

Your Welcome Kit includes a Withings smart scale that will sync directly with your Calibrate app. As soon as you receive your scale, you can set it up using the Calibrate app and the Withings Body Pro Onboarding Guide that you received with your scale.

Even if you already have another smart scale, our Medical Team strongly recommends setting up your Withings smart scale, as its cellular connectivity allows for much faster and more reliable syncing than Bluetooth devices. Plus, the Withings smart scale syncs directly with your Calibrate app, with no additional setup.

However, if you prefer to use your personal Bluetooth smart scale, just make sure it’s synced to Apple Health (on iOS) or Google Fit (on Android) in order for your readings to sync with the Calibrate app.

For scale troubleshooting tips, please see the FAQ in your Calibrate app, and search by keyword “scale.” If you have any additional questions, please send us a message via the Support Channel in the Calibrate app.