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How do I download and set up the Calibrate app?

You can download the Calibrate app on the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

You can find detailed setup instructions in the following guides:

Please note:

  • Check that you have Apple Health downloaded on your iPhone, or Google Fit downloaded on your Android phone. You’ll want to sync and share data directly between Apple Health or Google Fit and your Calibrate app.
  • Turn on push notifications to allow the Calibrate app to notify you with reminders to track your daily metrics, alerts, and messages from our Medical, Support, and Coaching team:

1. Log into your Calibrate app
2. Select “Profile”
3. Go to “Device”
4. Enable push notifications
5. Go into your phone settings and enable push notifications from the Calibrate app

  • Follow the instructions in the Getting Started with Calibrate Guide to set up your Withings smart scale.
  • After you download and log into the Calibrate app, you’ll find on-screen instructions explaining how to measure and enter each baseline metric. You can also find detailed instructions in the Waist Measurement Guide.