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How do I upload my lab results?

You can email your lab results to, or upload them via the Calibrate web portal:

  • Log in to your Calibrate account by going to via your web browser.
  • Go to the left-hand navigation bar and select “Documents.”
  • Click “Upload Document,” “Select File From Computer” (please ensure the file designation “.PDF” is included in the file title so that the file uploads properly), then “Upload.”
  • You’ll see a green banner that confirms “Document has been added.”
  • Check that the file appears in the documents list on your screen.

This works best if you send your results as a PDF. To ensure proper medical identification, please make sure your labs include your full name and date of birth. Please also be sure the date of collection is listed so we can validate when you got the labs done. These identifiers help us verify that the labs are yours.