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How do I upload recent lab results to the Calibrate app?

If you’re a new member with labs from the last three months that meet all lab requirements, you can upload these to the Calibrate app in one of two ways.

 If you don’t have these labs, don’t worry—Calibrate will order them for you during your orientation process. We’ll send your lab order to your chosen provider within 48 hours, and we’ll also send a copy of the order to your Support Center in the app.

To upload lab results when completing Orientation and account set-up: 

  • When you reach the Pick a Lab provider screen, please select Already have recent lab work? and follow the prompts 
  • When you get to the Please Share Your Lab Results screen, select the + icon. You can either take photos with your device’s camera, upload existing photos from the photo library on your device, or upload multiple files of your lab results (ensure it is a PDF and the file name ends in .pdf), 
  • If you choose to upload a PDF, the files you’d like to upload must already be saved in your mobile device’s file system in PDF form. To locate your files in your phone, go to your device’s search bar and type in Files. Select the Files app that pops up
  • Once the file or photo is uploaded, select Save

To upload lab results to a Support Message, log into your Calibrate app: 

  • Tap the Support tab
  • Select Message Support and fill out the required fields, ensuring you select Labs for the category and Upload Existing Labs for the subcategory of your Support Message 
  • Select Send an Attachment
  • You must first select Send and then you will be prompted to add an attachment 
  • Please note: For iPhone users, you can only attach one image from your camera roll at a time. 
  • For Android users, you can attach one file or image type per Support Message
  • If you’d like to send more than one image or file, please submit multiple Support Messages
  • Once you add an attachment, your message will be sent