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How is Calibrate different from other weight loss programs?

Calibrate is a doctor-guided metabolic reset designed and supported by the leading experts in obesity treatment. Here are just a few of the ways Calibrate is different than other weight loss programs.

Our approach has the highest standard of care in obesity treatment

Research shows that GLP-1 medication combined with lifestyle intervention is the most effective weight approach to sustained weight loss. Unlike other programs, Calibrate's approach is comprehensive, setting you up for long term success. The Calibrate program includes personalized 1:1 video coaching and and ongoing medical support to drive better results for members. In fact, Calibrate helps members achieve 18% average weight loss, sustained over two years.

Calibrate is flexible and sustainable

On Calibrate there are no sweeping restrictions or calorie counting. Together with your coach, you'll make small, gradual lifestyle changes that ladder up to big results that you can sustain long term. In fact 9 out of 10 Calibrate members agree that Calibrate is the most effective program they've tried.

The Calibrate team is experts at driving weight loss with GLP-1 medications

Calibrate was the first program built around GLP-1s, and we've supported tens of thousands of members on their journey. With Calibrate you'll get access to doctors who specialize in GLP-1 care and a team of Insurance Navigation Experts who will help you access affordable GLP-1 medication.

Calibrate delivers results or your money back, with the data to back it up
We stand by our results, so much so that if you don't lose 10%+ of your body weight on Calibrate you're eligible for 50% of your money back (see terms here). We're the only program with a proven track record of results, backed by our clinically-reviewed Results Report.