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I’m not sure about an injectable medication. Why do Calibrate doctors prescribe these types of medications?

There is one oral GLP-1 option. Your Calibrate doctor will use your medical history and insurance coverage to prescribe the best GLP-1 for you.

GLP-1s are self-administered either daily or weekly depending on the medication. Your Calibrate doctor can walk you through how it works and can also send you a short video to help! While an injection may sound scary, most members actually report it being painless, quick, and easy. (It’s just under the skin—going into your fat instead of your muscle. The needle is ultra-fine, so it isn’t like a typical shot.) In addition, not only are the medications we prescribe more effective, but they also have fewer and safer side effects than other weight loss medications. The Calibrate medical team is available to answer your questions about taking the medication and to address other medical concerns you might have throughout your Calibrate year.