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What are the requirements and what can I expect for my doctor appointment?

For your 30-minute, 1:1 video visit with your Calibrate doctor, you must:

  • Complete your Calibrate app setup, sync your Withings smart scale, and record your baseline measurements
  • Complete all your required labs at least five business days before your appointment
  • Be physically located in the state of residence you indicated when you signed up for Calibrate
  • Be in a quiet and private place, without distractions (no driving, please!), in order to discuss personal details about your health

If you’re unable to meet any of these requirements, you must reschedule your video visit by messaging us via the Support Channel in the Calibrate app. Please know that if you request to change or cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment, you may not be able to reschedule for up to two weeks, which will delay the start of your program accordingly.

If you’ve changed your state of residence (ie. relocated for 30 consecutive days or more), please also let us know in the Support Channel so we can update your information. We may need to reschedule your doctor appointment with a provider licensed in your new state.

During your doctor appointment, you’ll discuss your health history, lab results, and learn more about the GLP-1 medications that are clinically appropriate for you and covered by your insurance. Your Calibrate doctor will also discuss how GLP-1 medications are most effective with the support of your Calibrate coach, Medical Team, and Calibrate Community, to help members stay on track and accountable. Your Medical Team will work with you to adjust medication as needed, in order to find the right tapering timeline. The lifestyle tweaks you’ll make, and the tools you’ll learn from Calibrate are the key to sustaining your success long-term.