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What does Ozempic® cost?

The list price of Ozempic®, meaning the price before insurance, ranges from $948.84 to $994.86 depending on dose size and quantity. If that number gives you sticker shock, don’t worry: Few patients pay list price. Exactly how much you will pay after insurance depends on your individual health plan. 

When you join Calibrate, our team is committed to working with your insurance company to help you get low-cost coverage, so you don’t have to. Through proprietary tools and data, our full-service Insurance Navigation Team has helped tens of thousands of members access a GLP-1 medication at $25/month or less after their deductible has been met. In the unlikely event that we can't help you, you'll be eligible for a refund (see details).

Regardless of your medication access status, we are so confident you’ll succeed on Calibrate that all members are eligible for 10% weight loss on Calibrate or their money back. Read more about our Results Money Back Promise here.