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When do I start tracking in the Calibrate app?

Tracking is an important part of your Metabolic Reset, because we believe that what you can measure, you can change. What you track becomes the data that your Medical Team uses to adjust your medication and the inputs that you and your Coach use to personalize your goals.

In the beginning of your Metabolic Reset—from the moment you log into your app—you’ll have two required trackers: your Weight tracker and Energy Level tracker, which can be found on the home screen. You’ll also see optional Sleep and Step trackers. As you progress further into your Reset, these optional trackers will then become required. You’ll also see a final tracker, your Red Foods tracker, in your Level 1 Food class.

Check out our How and Why We Track Guide to learn more about how trackers can support your progress. You’ll also be able to discuss these trackers with your Coach in your 1:1 sessions.