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At Calibrate, our aim is to increase access to cardiometabolic disease treatment, and that means access not just to medication, but also to comprehensive, ongoing care. Each Calibrate member meets face-to-face with a board-certified Calibrate doctor for their video doctor visit, and is connected to an entire team of doctors and nurses who follow their progress and oversee their care throughout their time on the program. Calibrate members always have access to their Medical Team and are able to ask asynchronous questions or schedule additional calls and video visits at any time.

Calibrate Doctor Michele Griffith, MD

Clinical Advisory Board

Calibrate’s standard of care has been developed by our medical leadership in partnership with our Clinical Advisory Board, a group of world leaders in obesity medicine and metabolic health. They vet every aspect of our program to ensure we’re giving our members the best possible guidance.

Donna Ryan, MD

Clinical Advisor

Dariush Mozaffarian, MD

Clinical Advisor

Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA

Clinical Advisor

Randy Seeley, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Eve Van Cauter, PhD

Clincial Advisor


Calibrate was designed by leading obesity and metabolic health clinicians to treat obesity comprehensively over time. We're the only doctor-led program to use medication as a tool, rather than the entire treatment, and our approach requires an ongoing commitment to holistic behavior change.

Our research-based intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) program was designed to work alongside medication to amplify results, restore metabolic balance, and support ongoing health— even after medication use has ceased.

Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset is built on decades of research that shows incremental habit change through intensive lifestyle intervention, in combination with medication that works on underlying biology, is the most effective approach for sustained weight loss and improved metabolic health.

Kim Boyd, MD Chief Medical Officer


Calibrate members work with their Medical Team and coach to build enduring healthy habits across the four areas essential to lasting metabolic health: food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health.

These habit changes are built to enhance the effects of GLP-1 medications as well as support ongoing physiological change. Members participate in:

  • Biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Work through Calibrate’s proprietary curriculum, track metrics and goals via the Calibrate app
  • Have access to community events and networks throughout their time on the program


Calibrate is only available to individuals who meet the FDA criteria for obesity treatment with GLP-1s. Our enrollment was designed by physician experts to disqualify other conditions that are not clinically appropriate for our treatment model.

Comprehensive Health Intake

Calibrate’s onboarding includes initial eligibility screening, a member-reported comprehensive health intake, required metabolic lab work, and waist circumference assessment.

Members interested in joining Calibrate answer questions via our Eligibility Quiz to determine initially if they are eligible for the program, and their answers are later validated by labs and a video doctor visit.


Members also have a face-to-face video visit with a Calibrate doctor that requires weight to be verified via a connected scale that syncs with the Calibrate app.

During video visits, Calibrate doctors further evaluate for any other conditions that disqualify eligibility for treatment with GLP-1 medications or intensive lifestyle intervention. If at any point in the Calibrate program a member becomes inappropriate for treatment with a GLP-1, medication is discontinued.


Once a member has been deemed eligible and joins Calibrate, they complete a comprehensive health intake and receive a lab order with instructions for completing them locally at their closest Quest or LabCorp, with their primary care provider, or at another healthcare facility.

The following labs are either required or recommended before a member meets with their Calibrate doctor:


In order to ensure the program is appropriate for a member and to identify a treatment plan that will best ensure clinical safety and efficacy, a Calibrate doctor undertakes a comprehensive review of the member’s comprehensive health history and lab panels and meets with them 1:1 during an extensive video evaluation. If the doctor determines that the member is not eligible to begin the program, the member is refunded and disenrolled.


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