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What should I know about GLP-1 medication shortages?

GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic®, Wegovy®, and Mounjaro® have been periodically in shortage nationwide since 2021, making it difficult for patients to have consistent access to these medications, or to access them for the first time. We understand it can be concerning to have trouble filling a prescription from your doctor.

Calibrate is fundamentally different from prescription-only services. Medication is just one aspect of our program, and at Calibrate, we use medication as a tool—not the entire treatment. The Calibrate program is built to help your body do the same kind of work that medications like Wegovy® and Saxenda® do, so the best thing you can do if you’re affected by a shortage is to lean into the program. 

Calibrate has helped tens of thousands of members navigate medication shortages, and as our members receive comprehensive support throughout their program: you make a commitment to us, and we make a commitment to supporting you in achieving your goals.

And while we can’t promise uninterrupted medication access (we’re not a manufacturer, a pharmacy, or supplier), we do promise results: 10% weight loss which we back up with a money back promise that applies whether or not our members have ongoing medication access (and we’re the only program to offer this). 

If you can’t access your GLP-1 medication because of a shortage, Calibrate will work with you 1:1 to determine appropriate next steps. To ensure continuity of care, this may include changing to a dose that is currently in stock or finding an alternative GLP-1 medication that is covered by your insurance. 

For more information on medication shortages—as well as helpful tips for anyone experiencing a gap in medication because of a shortage—check out our landing page here