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The Calibrate Results Money Back Promise

Last updated:March 24, 2023

With Calibrate’s Results Money Back Promise, you may qualify for a refund of your Membership Fees (minus a $250 fee for your initial doctor appointment) if you do not achieve a minimum of 10% weight loss at the end of your Metabolic Reset Program. Your weight loss will be determined by calculating the percentage change of your weight from the start to the end of your Metabolic Reset Program. For purposes of calculating weight loss percentage, Calibrate will use your first synched weight following receipt of your Welcome Kit.  However, if your first synched weight is substantially different from your weight at the time of your first doctor’s appointment, Calibrate reserves the right to use that updated weight instead as your starting weight for your Metabolic Reset Program. Any refund will exclude the cost of your medication, labs and/or other items and services charged by third parties.

To be eligible for Calibrate’s Results Money Back Promise, you must have: 

  • Signed up for the Metabolic Reset Program after 6/15/2021;
  • Self-paid for Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset (not through an employer or insurance program);  
  • Not have been taking any prescription weight loss medication during the twelve months prior to purchasing your Program (examples include: phentermine, GLP-1 medications like Ozempic, Saxenda, or Wegovy);  
  • Completed the entire one-year Metabolic Reset Program; and
  • Complied with the requirements of your Calibrate Commitment throughout your Program, including: 
  • Following the medical team’s recommendations for medication use, including making any medication changes and adjustments, and clinically appropriate duration of use.
  • Actively participating in tracking throughout the Program, by tracking daily metrics (weight, red food, and energy), and setting and tracking weekly goals, at least 85% of the time (or 5 days a week).
  • Not canceling or missing more than 4 consecutive, or 7 total, coaching sessions. 
  • Reading weekly content before coaching sessions and tracking weekly goals set by your coach.

If you are eligible for money back based on the criteria set forth above, you will receive a refund as described in our Refund Policy

Last updated: March 24, 2023

Previous version of Calibrate’s Results Money Back Promise: 

Applicable for members who joined prior to March 24, 2023.