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What if I can't access affordable GLP-1 medication?

At Calibrate we have a team of insurance navigation experts to help you access an initial GLP-1 medication prescription that's typically around $25/month or less (after any deductible is met). We’ve helped tens of thousands of members access affordable GLP-1s. However, in the unlikely scenario that there is no path to a low-cost GLP-1 for you, rest assured we still guarantee results.

Although medication is an important aspect of our program, medical experts agree: the combination of GLP-1 medication and lifestyle changes is the most effective approach to sustainable weight loss. With this in mind, we guarantee that if you stick with Calibrate for 12 consecutive months, you will lose at least 10% of your body weight, with or without the GLP-1 medication or you'll be eligible for money back! (see terms)