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Refund Policy for Members Joining Between 10/17/22 and 3/7/23

Last updated:March 8, 2023

This refund policy is only applicable to members who joined Calibrate between 10/17/2022 and 3/7/2023.

Calibrate programs are paid for up front and are non-refundable except for in the following scenarios, outlined in this policy. Please note that although you can withdraw from the Metabolic Reset, Metabolic Health Assessment, or Masters Program at any time, you are only eligible for a refund as set forth below. 

Metabolic Reset:

  • If you change your mind and decide to cancel your Metabolic Reset within 72  hours of purchase, you may request a full refund for the amount you paid using instructions below. 
  • If you change your mind and decide to cancel after 72 hours of joining, but before your initial doctor appointment, you may request a refund for the amount you paid, less a $200 fee to cover a portion of the cost of the beginning of your Metabolic Reset , which includes your account set up, and clinical coordination.
  • If Calibrate is unable to help you secure initial access to a GLP-1 medication for a copay of $25/month or less (after any deductible is met) within ninety days of your doctor appointment, you may request a refund for the amount you paid less a $250 fee for your initial doctor’s appointment. Most members will receive GLP-1 medication well in advance of the ninety day mark; however, if there are no low-cost GLP-1 options available for you, the Calibrate team will notify you via a message in the Support Channel of the Calibrate app. Once notified, you may request a refund and withdraw from Calibrate, or choose to stay in the program without GLP-1 medication. In either case, you will be covered by our Results Money Back Promise. You must notify Calibrate in writing by responding to the message sent to you in the Support Channel of the Calibrate App of your intention to pursue a refund within seven business days of receiving a notification of no path to medication. If you do not notify Calibrate in this window, we expect that you will continue in the program and as a result, you waive your right to a refund. If you choose to self-pay for GLP-1 medications, you are waiving your right to a refund. 
  • If you have not lost at least 10% of your body weight by the end of your Calibrate Year and you meet the criteria for our Results Money Back Promise, you may request a refund, less the $250 fee for your initial doctor appointment. Read more about our Results Money Back Promise here

You can pause the Metabolic Reset for up to 90 days once during your membership by writing into the Support Channel on the Calibrate app. When you are ready to resume your membership (at any point in the 90-day period), you will be able to rejoin for the remaining duration of your membership. Alternatively, you may exit the program without a refund. If you paid via Affirm, your payments will not be suspended during your pause. Members who pause are ineligible for the Results Money Back Promise

Metabolic Health Assessment:

  • The Metabolic Health Assessment is non-refundable.

Calibrate Masters Programs:

  • All Calibrate Masters programs are non-refundable.

Receiving a Refund:

Calibrate programs are not refundable, except under the circumstances outlined above. If one of the above reasons applies to you, you can cancel your Calibrate membership at any time by emailing with the subject line “Cancellation Request”. 

If you paid for your Metabolic Reset by credit or debit card, we will credit your refund to your card on file within 10 business days of Calibrate confirming you are refund eligible. Calibrate will notify you of whether you are eligible for a refund by responding to your request. 

If you paid via Affirm, Calibrate will submit your refund request to Affirm. Affirm will then credit the amount of the refund and you should see the refund reflected in your loan balance on Affirm within 10 business days from receiving confirmation you are refund eligible by the Calibrate team (more details on Affirm’s refund process here). 

By accepting a refund, you are electing to withdraw from your Calibrate program. 

Read our full Membership Terms & Conditions for more information about our membership. For any questions about our membership options, reach out to us We’re in this together and will work with you to make sure you are achieving real results.