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The Calibrate Commitment

Last updated:May 15, 2024

Your Calibrate Commitment

Calibrate is based on decades of research showing that a combination of intensive lifestyle intervention and medication improves metabolic health and drives weight loss. Through our program, you can expect to achieve long-term, sustainable results provided that you participate and meet your Calibrate Commitment in four areas: 

  • Medical Guidance: Attending my Provider appointments, completing check-ins and labs as requested by Providers.
  • Tracking: Tracking your weight, “red foods”, and curriculum-related goals each day to see how they correlate over time. Weight is a proven tool to support weight loss. Tracking red foods helps you to better understand how your eating is affecting your metabolic health. Curriculum-related goals set the progressive steps to habit formation.
  • Curriculum: Reading and following the content lessons.
  • Coaching: Attending regular sessions with your coaching team.

We base our definition for meeting the Calibrate Commitment on clinically-validated approaches in behavior science. Studies have shown that lifestyle interventions that include goal-setting, self-monitoring, problem-solving, and accountability can promote long term weight loss success.

In order to continue to access the prescriptions you receive from our Clinical Team as well as other features like coaching, you are expected to stick to the degree of engagement outlined below. Keep in mind that upholding your Calibrate Commitment is a requirement for maintaining eligibility for the Calibrate Results Money Back Promise,. Should you fall behind, inform your coach or Member Support so they can help you stay on track.  

Your Commitment: 

I understand that Calibrate is designed to help me improve my metabolic health, lose weight and sustain at least 10% weight loss. In order for the program to deliver these results, I must commit to the following actions:

Medical Guidance

  • I will attend all scheduled physician appointments. If I must reschedule; I will do so more than 12 hours in advance
  • I will complete all check-ins and lab requirements as directed
  • I understand that if I do not complete my medical check-ins, labs, and track my weight, my medication refills may be at risk


  • I will track weight 5+ days a week
  • I will track red foods 5+ days per week (beginning when this feature becomes available in Level 1 Food). 


  • I will complete each class within two weeks of its release
  • I will track each class’s biweekly goal 5+ days per week


  • I will attend all scheduled coaching sessions
  • I will give 24 hours or more notice in the Calibrate app if I need to reschedule a coaching session. I understand that if I cancel or miss more than four consecutive coaching sessions, subsequent sessions will be removed from my calendar and my medication may not be refilled until I re-engage

We’ll resurface this document at the beginning of each level. Across the program, our team is dedicated to supporting you as you work toward real results and better metabolic health. We are committed to a life-changing and successful experience and are glad to be on this journey with you.