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We designed the Calibrate curriculum with our Expert Council and Clinical Advisory Board, integrating the science, research, and strategies that lead to sustainable results.

Calibrate has a unique position in addressing the nation’s obesity crisis through a combination of lifestyle changes and doctor-prescribed medication. Real results backed by comprehensive data has always been Calibrate’s North Star, and we hold an unwavering commitment to clinical excellence and our impact delivering sustained health outcomes across populations.

Kristin Baier, MD, Calibrate’s Vice President of Clinical Development

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Work with a dedicated coach to make meaningful changes to your existing food, exercise, sleep, and emotional health habits (The Four Pillars of Metabolic Health). These will add up to impactful and sustainable new behaviors—and lead to 10%+ weight loss, guaranteed, or you're eligible for money back (see terms).

1:1 Coaching Support

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Real Humans. No Bots.

When you start your Metabolic Reset, you’ll be matched with a coaching team. Every other week, you’ll meet with a coach on your team for 15-minute video sessions. As you progress, you’ll meet with the coach on your team who’s best equipped to guide you through the given level of the program. This 1:1 coaching will empower you to find solutions to challenges and create a new day-to-day that’s sustainable and enjoyable.

It’s time. Close your robot chats and say goodbye to algorithmic goal setting. Get the face-to-face support you deserve from coaches eager to lend a (virtual) hand through every victory, setback, and comeback.


Your Metabolic Reset will be divided into multiple levels that encompass classes, goals, and coaching sessions—each level building upon the last.

Measure your PROGRESS

While your Coaching Team will be your accountability partners, your Calibrate Medical Team will make sure you’re on track medically—and seeing measurable improvements in your health. After your video visit with your Calibrate doctor, you’ll check in with the Calibrate Medical Team via the App at set milestones. Don’t forget: You’ll get comprehensive lab work at the beginning of your Metabolic Reset and again at the end. Together, we’ll assess your progress on important health indicators like blood sugar and cholesterol levels.