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Rybelsus® is a safe, doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication. All Calibrate members will be considered, as clinically appropriate and insurance eligible, for Rybelsus®, among other GLP-1s, as part of Calibrate’s holistic program.

15% Average
Weight Loss

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Designed for your biology
not willpower

Through our purpose-built Metabolic Reset, Calibrate members achieve 15% weight loss on average—that's 2X the results achieved by most GLP-1s when used alone.

Doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication

Your Calibrate doctor will explore a variety of GLP-1 options to find one that’s clinically appropriate for you and covered by your insurance.

1:1 bi-weekly video coaching

Together, with your dedicated Calibrate Coach, you’ll learn to make gradual lifestyle changes that ladder up to big wins.

Holistic Curriculum

Our evidence-based curriculum is designed to help you improve the Four Pillars of Metabolic Health: food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health.

Results Guaranteed

We’re so confident you’ll succeed with Calibrate that if you participate in our Metabolic Reset and don’t lose at least 10% of your body weight you’ll be eligible for a refund (see terms).

Get Started Today

Join thousands of members who have already achieved 15%+ weight loss.

What makes Calibrate different?

We’re the first metabolic approach that addresses your unique biology—not your willpower—and the only program that guarantees 10%+ weight loss or your money back (see terms). Translated: Calibrate actually works.

Your Metabolic Reset will be divided into four levels that encompass classes, goals, and coaching sessions—each level building upon the last.

The Medication

Doctor-prescribed medications called GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1s) safely kick-start your metabolic health. Research shows that, in combination with 1:1 video coaching and lifestyle tweaks, GLP-1s are the most effective and safe long-term option for weight loss.

What does Calibrate cost?

We navigate insurance
so you don't have to.

Sign up with confidence backed by our Medication Coverage Guarantee. Through proprietary tools and data, we help over 95% of our members get GLP-1 medication coverage at $25/month or less or (after any deductible is met). If we can’t help you, you’re eligible for a refund (less the cost of your first doctor appointment, $249). See details here.


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